21 Duties and Responsibilities of a Safety Officer.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Safety Officer.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Safety Officer

Duties of Safety Officer 

For the implication of good safety culture and prevention of workplace accidents a Safety Officer must have to know his duties and responsibilities.
I you don't know about duties of a Safety Officer you can never control or prevent hazards and risk at workplace, if safety officer has proper knowledge of his roles and responsibilities he can play a key role in achieving the safety targets.
In this blog post all duties and responsibilities of a Safety Officer are mentioned.

Safety Officer Roles and Responsibilities 

Who is Safety Officer?

Safety Officer is a professional who ensure and help any organization to prevent accidents at workplace by suggestion safety control measures and preparing safety plan for the organization. Safety Officer plays an important role in developing business for an organization by creating positive image in the market.

How to become a Safety Officer?

To become a Safety Officer you need to have some safety certification or experience such as Diploma in Industrial Safety, Diploma in Fire and Safety, NEBOSH certification, BTech in fire engineering and there are many safety certification for safety officer.

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Duties and responsibilities of a Safety Officer:-

21 Roles and Responsibilities of a Safety Officer.

1. Participate in Safety awareness through Tool Box Talk (TBT).
Tool Box Talk is a effective Communication tool or a training by which a safety officer can promote and create safety awareness at workplace. Every morning before starting the job collect your workers and supervisor at site and discuss with them about hazards and safety precautions related to their work.
You can discuss on various safety topic in TBT such as: - Housekeeping, work at height, general site safety rules, Personal Protective Equipment, manual handling etc.

Note:- Safety Officer is not responsible for conducting TBT, he have to only ensure that effective TBT have conducted by execution team, if safety officer is willing to conduct TBT then he can it's all up to him.

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2. Ensure and verify Valid work permit.
Work permit is a legal document which allows a crew to carry out a job at workplace. It is Responsibility of a safety officer to ensure before starting any activity at work place that valid work permit is available.
Also insure that all safety precautions has been taken as mentioned in the permit before and during the job.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Safety Officer 

3. Find and Record Safety Observations.
During work at workplace identify the hazards in running activities and inform to concerned person, also record the observation in safety observation sheet for tracking that corrective action taken or not.

4. Identify the potential hazards and recommend corrective action.

Duties of a Safety Officer 

It is duties of a Safety Officer to Identify the hazards i.e what can cause harm to workman during job such as unsafe Act /unsafe condition and recommend suitable safety control measures to prevent harm from hazards.

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5. Safety Inspection of tools, equipment and machinery.
Ensure that all tools and equipment are inspected or third party inspection done, where required do safety inspection of tools and machinery by self with the help of safety inspection checklist, such as inspection of websling, welding machine, crane, vehicles etc.

6. Safety Inspection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE's) 
An important duty of a Safety Officer is to ensure that all workmen are using correct PPE's, inspection the PPE's to avoid use of damaged PPE's, such as inspection of Full body harness, Safety Helmets, SCBA etc 

Role and responsibilities of a Safety Officer

7. Safety Training.
Safety training and educating the workers are most important, by safety training workers learn about safety rules and control measures for their work. It is the duty of a Safety Officer to train his workers on difference safety topics such as safety Induction training for new workers, work at height safety training, confined space safety training etc.

8. Safety awareness posters and signage.
Safety Officer have to prepare safety awareness posters and signage and get displayed at work location for the safety awareness.
What are the duties of safety officer 
9. Safety Award functions and programs.
Safety Officer have to organize safety award functions and programs to motivate workers to carry out their job with safety at their workplace.

10. Implementing and enforcing safety rules and regulations.
Safety officer have to implement safety rules at work site as per their organization safety plan and policy and also safety officer have to enforce workmen to follow the safety rules at workplace.

11. Safety meetings.
An important role of a Safety Officer is attending and organizing safety meetings with client and contractors to share safety statistics, safety plan and discussing on implementation of safety standards.

12. Occupational Safety and Health Policy.
Safety Officer have to support in the preparation and implication of safety policy to achieve the targets committed in safety policy.

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13. Preparing HSE Plan.
Safety Officer Responsibilities 

Safety Officer have to prepare HSE Plan as per site requirements and standards followed by company. Role of a Safety Officer in HSE plan is to set a standard hazard mitigation plan, to carry out a job in a such a manner that accidents can be prevented.

14. Job Safety Analysis (JSA).
Job Safety Analysis is a safety documentation or tools in which safety precautions for each activity mentioned. It is the responsibility of a safety officer to prepare JSA for all activities to carry out job with standard safety precautions.

15. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA).
To prevent accident and injury at workplace all hazards to be identified and risk assessment to be done before starting the job and to be recorded in HIRA Format.

16. Safety Audit.
Safety Officer plays an important role in safety audit. Safety Audit is details inspection of worksite and safety documentations to check that an organization is following safety rules/standards or not.

17. Accident investigation report.
Safety Officer have to participate in accident investigation and he is also responsibie for preparing safety report.

Duty of a Safety Officer 

18. Safety Committee meeting.
Safety Officer have to participate in safety committee meeting to share and get update of safety requirements and safety compliances.

19. Work method statement (WMS) or standard operating procedure (SOP).
It is Responsibility of a safety officer to prepare WMS & SOP to get all job in a safe way by following safety rules & standards as per WMS/SOP.

20. Reporting and cooperating to government agencies.
Safety Officer have to report accidents to govt agencies (Factory Inspector, department of labor Health executive) and coordinate with them on sharing safety news and standards.

Job of a Safety Officer 

21. Preparing Month Safety Report.

Roles of a Safety Officer 

It is duty of safety officer to prepare monthly safety report and submit to client. Monthly safety report includes safety statistics, safe man hours, trainings, incident/accident records.

Safety Officer job responsibilities 


Safety Officer have wide range of duties and responsibilities, he have to advise on safety aspects of organization from a worker to top management, he have to develop good safety culture by hazard Identification and by preparing safety Documents.
Safety Officer have to realize everyone about the importance of safety at workplace and convenes them to participate equally in preventing accidents at workplace.

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