Lifting Safety Quiz (Free Certificate)

Lifting Safety Quiz (Free Certificate).

Lifting Safety quiz questions competition, participate in online safety quiz test for lifting safety with crane, 15 objective lifting safety quiz are mentioned in the online test, correct 10 questions to pass the test successfully. On completing of test with score of 10 you will get free E-Certifcate on your Gmail automatically.

Lifting Safety Quiz (Free Certificate)


    This online safety quiz test for lifting safety is organizing to check and enhance your knowledge of lifting safety with crane, you will learn different safety aspects of crane during lifting and different hand signals used by riggers to communicate with crane operator during lifting.

    How to Apply:

    Read the following details carefully otherwise you will miss the opportunity to get Free Certificate.

    Steps for Lifting Safety Quiz Test

    1. Read all the questions mentioned below before participation.
    2. Read about hand signals used during lifting activity by riggers.
    3. Online Test form attached below.
    4. Selection your Gmail in test form.
    5. Mention your Name.
    6. Answer the all question.
    7. Click on submit.
    8. Click on view score.
    9. If your score is 10 or above check your Gmail for certificate.
    10. If there is any trouble, feel free to messaging on Instagram SAFETY MGMT STUDY.

    Lifting Safety Quiz Questions.

    Following are the questions mentioned in lifting Safety Quiz Test.

    • Maximum wind speed limit for Lifting with crane?
    • Purpose of Outriggers in Crane?
    • Who is responsible for hand signals to crane operator?
    • Which crane can move with load while lifting material?
    • Use of Tag line during lifting with crane?
    • The crane's maximum lifting capacity will be closest when it's near the crane.
    • Outrigger pad must be used when....?
    • Which sling angle allows for greater lifting capacity?
    • Crane hand signals chart 

    Lifting Safety Quiz Test Form:


    To sum up, taking part in the Lifting Safety Quiz gives you chance to test your knowledge and improve more on important safety concerns in crane operations. After passing this quiz with a score of ten or above, participants stand to be rewarded with an e-certificate which is of great value showing their competency in lifting safety. It is important to take into account that putting safety knowledge and practice first is crucial when it comes to creating a safe working environment for individuals involved in crane activities.

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