NEBOSH IGC Risk Assessment Sample Pdf. Unit IG2 - 2022 || Nebosh IGC Risk Assessment Pdf

NEBOSH IGC Risk Assessment Sample Pdf.

This blog post is about NEBOSH IGC Risk assessment, here you will know how to prepare NEBOSH IGC risk assessment with example.

NEBOSH IGC risk assessment sample have been attached in this blog post. - SAFETY MGMT STUDY

Before you start preparing your NEBOSH IGC risk assessment please read the following instruction carefully. - SAFETYMGMTSTUDY

About Nebosh

To clear NEBOSH IGC you need to clear IG1 & IGC2, IG1 is Open book Subjective examination where you have to complete Nebosh examination in 24 hours with minimum 3000 word count.

NEBOSH IG2 is practical assessment in which you have to do a risk assessment of your worksite & submit to your Nebbish course provider through Gmail.

Also read NEBOSH IGC Risk assessment Official Guide 

NEBOSH IGC Risk Assessment Sample Pdf

While preparing NEBOSH IGC risk assessment following point to be Know first.

Disclaimer: - This risk assessment will guide you that how to prepare NEBOSH IG2 Risk assessment, please don’t copy and paste the material from this assessment to your NEBOSH risk assessment.

To complete NEBOSH Risk assessment you need to mention 10 different hazards from 5 different hazards category which are mentioned in NEBOSH IG2 Unit Book.

Note: - In this format only five hazards and two actions are justified.

Before you start preparing risk assessment you must know about following terms.

1.     Hazard – anything which has potential to cause harm.

2.     Risk – Probability of being harm from a hazard.

3.     Control measures – Steps to control a hazard.

4.     Hazard Categories – Noise, Vibration, Radiation, Mental ill health, Violence at work, Substance abuse at work, Ergonomics, Manual handling, Hazardous substances, Welfare, Environment, Work at height, Confined space, Lone working, Slips and trips, Vehicle & Public movement, Driving, Equipment & machinery, Fire & Electricity.

5.     Hierarchy of Risk control –

a.     Elimination

b.     Substitution

c.      Engineering control

d.     Administrative control

e.     PPEs

6.     ILO Code of Practice

7.     ILO Recommendation

8.     ILO Convention

Risk Assessment can be completed in four steps.

  1. Write about the organization (Company) - In Nebosh Igc Risk assessment first mention about your company such as name of the company, services provided by the company and duty hours.
  2.  Risk Assessment - Now fill the Nebosh Igc risk assessment form with the identified hazards and control measures.
  3. Priorities 3 action with justification - Now write comment on 3 corrective action that why you have mentioned these corrective action, mention legal, moral and financial reasons.
  4. Write about Review and check - Now mention how you will review and communicate your risk assessment findings.

NOTE: - This format of risk assessment isn’t NEBOSH official Risk Assessment Format, but in this format all required content of risk assessment is available.

NEBOSH IGC Risk Assessment pdf.

NEBOSH IGC Risk Assessment Sample

Nebosh IGC risk assessment Example

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Download nebosh igc risk assessment example

NEBOSH IG2 risk assessment

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