Safety Officer Interview Questions and Answers.

Safety Officer Interview Questions and Answers.

HSE Officer Interview Questions 

Any company will hire you as a safety officer based on your performance in the safety officers interview, so you need to prepare and remember safety officer interview questions and answers.

To make your journey easy to be a safety officer I have mentioned some Safety Officer interview questions and answers bellow: -


Safety Officer Interview Questions and Answers.
Safety Officer Interview Questions 

Following are the Safety Officer Interview Questions and Answers.

 What is Safety?

You can say safety is the freedom from the conditions, which can cause harm to person, damaged to property and environment. (in short safety means free from danger)

What is Hazard?

Hazards means anything, act and condition which can cause harm or which have potential to cause harm.

What is Risk?

The chances or possibilities of being hurt/injured by a hazard is called risk.


What is Accident?

Accident is an event that was not planned and caused loss of life, property and environment.

What is Near-miss?

Near-miss can be defined as an event which had potential to cause harm, but didn’t happened any human loss.

 What is Injury?

The harm to human body due to accident such as cuts, fracture is called injury.

 What is Work at height?

Generally, work above 1.8m from ground level is considered as work at height.

 What is Confined space?

The area/space which is not made for human living or the area which is subjected to limited entry, oxygen deficiency, oxygen enrichment, poor illumination and inadequate illumination.

 What is 5Es in safety?

5Es of accident prevention is a safety program which helps to prevent accidents at workplace.

5Es consists of five terms: -

  • Education
  • Encouragement
  • Engineering
  • Enforcement
  • Evaluation
What is Hierarchy of hazard control?

Hierarchy of hazard control is a tool which can be used to minimize or eliminate the hazard.

Hierarchy of hazard control consists of five terms which are following: -

  • Elimination
  • Substitution
  • Engineering control
  • Administrative control
  • PPEs
 What is 5s method in safety?

5s in safety is a method which makes workplace equipment well organized and clean, it reduces wastage and save time and overall increase the productivity.

Contents of 5s are: -

  • Sort
  • Set in order
  • Shine
  • Standardize 
  • Sustain
  What is Health & Safety policy?

Health & Safety policy is a legal document, it is a written statement of the commitment, to provide & take care of worker’s health & safety within the organization by the top management.

What is HSE Plan?

HSE Plan is plan to carry out projects activity safely, HSE plan contains detailed and systematic safety procedure of all activities included in a project.  

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