Why CO2 Fire Extinguishers Don’t Have Gauges and How to Check the CO2 Level

Why CO2 Fire Extinguishers Don’t Have Gauges and How to Check the CO2 Level

CO2 fire extinguishers are the best for use in fires involving electrical equipment and flammable liquids. So if you want to know why these do not have pressure gauges or how to check the amount of CO2 left, here is a simple explanation.


Why CO2 Fire Extinguishers Don’t Have Pressure Gauges

1. Pressure Remains Constant: Under high pressure, CO2 is stored as a liquid which turns into gas when released and keeps constant pressure until almost empty. That means that until it becomes near empty, a gauge would not show how much remains in terms of CO2.

2. Temperature Equilibrium: Even with changing temperature conditions, a pressure gauge is not needed because the pressure of CO2 extinguishers stays level unlike others.

3. Simpler And More Reliable: The absence of a gauge simplifies the device and makes it more reliable; otherwise, an inaccurately functioning gauge might be misleading causing harm.

4. Measuring By Weight: In order to check the levels of carbon dioxide, one should weigh an extinguisher that is easy and precise.

How to Check the Remaining CO2

1. Weighing – To know what percentage of carbon dioxide is left in your canister look at full and empty weights on its label.

2. Periodic Inspection – During maintenance checks carried out by qualified persons, its weight should be measured regularly just like any other equipment being serviced.

3. Label Indications – Some extinguishers have labels that allow you to see this easily.

4. By Experts – Regular professional maintenance keeps accurate levels of Co 02 ensuring its proper operation.


Constantly pressurized liquid Carbon Dioxide eliminates their need for gauges in case they don’t have any. Best method for examining the amount of CO2 that is present in an extinguisher is weighing it. Proper maintenance and inspection will ensure that your extinguisher is always ready for use during emergencies providing dependable fire safety.

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