Fire watcher interview questions and answers

Fire watcher interview questions and answers:

When it comes to preventing workplace accidents, particularly in areas which have a high risk of fire, some measures must be implemented. In this safety net, the eye of the person watching is essential; he or she should be alert and respond quickly to possible risks and any untoward incidents. This article will answer twenty questions on what are the most important duties and qualities that a fire watcher should possess. The guide aims at helping you prepare for an interview or understand the role better by highlighting all the requirements needed for one to perform successfully in this important job.

20 Fire watcher interview questions and answers:

20 Fire watcher interview questions and answers
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1. Q: What does the fire watcher do?

A: Fire watcher check possible sources of fire at the place of Hot work & ensure workplace free from risk of fire.

2. Q: Why should one monitor hot works?

A: Welding is an example of hot work that can easily lead to fires if not properly supervised.

3. Q: What protective equipment should be used by a fire watcher?

A: Fire-proof clothes, relative vest gloves, goggles and safety helmets.

4. Q: How do you recognize potential sources of fire hazards?

A: Inspecting for flammable materials, ensuring good ventilation and checking out hot surfaces in the area.

5. Q: What steps will you take if a fire starts?

A: Alert everyone nearby including using a fire extinguisher if it’s safe or call emergency services.

6. Q: Can you explain PASS method regarding use of a fire extinguisher?

A: To remove pin; Aim nozzle; Squeeze handle and Sweep sideways.

7. Q: Which types of fire extinguishers are commonly employed by you?

A: ABC dry chemical, CO2, water, Foam etc.

8. Q: How often should an examining be done on your extinguisher for fires?

A: Pressure & accessibility every month and professional inspection once per year.

9. Q: What is the importance of having a Fire Watch Log?

A: This ensures accountability as well as compliance with these monitoring activities.

Fire watcher interview questions and answers
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10. Q: How can clear communication be maintained during an emergency situation?

A: Keep in touch with no less than two-way radios or other communication tools that could help keep track with team members as well as emergency personnel.

11. Q: On arriving at your post, what is the first thing to do?

A: Look for immediate area hazards and ensure safety equipment in place.

12. Q: How should you handle a false alarm?

A: Investigate the cause of it; report it and if safe reset it.

13. Q: What are some steps to take before going on an overnight fire watch? 

 A: Ensure all fire hoses and other necessary equipment are in their places; check communication devices, such as radio or cell phone, and be familiar with the site layout.

14. Q: Why is ventilation important in hot work areas?

A: It helps to break up flammable gases and minimize chances of ignition.

15. Q: What can you do if you feel that your safety is in jeopardy while on duty?

A: Leave the area immediately and report it to a supervisor.

16. Q: How can you ensure compliance with fire safety regulations?

A: Keep updated on local fire codes, adhere to company policies, participate in regular training sessions etc.

17. Q: What experience do you have regarding fire prevention techniques?

A: I’m familiar with hazard identification, maintenance of fire protection equipment including conducting safety inspections.

18. Q: What would be your reaction if you saw your coworker practicing unsafe acts?

A: Remind them politely about the procedures of their work being unsafe and then report accordingly when necessary .

19. Q: What is your role during a drill for a building fire?

A: Monitor evacuation process; enforce procedure compliance; provide feedbacks afterwards for improvements.

20. Q:Why do you want to become a Fire Watcher?

A: I am dedicated to maintaining a safe work environment for all employees, I will ensure fire free hot work activities.

The questions and answers concern the main aspects of a fire watcher’s role such as safety rules, emergency response and practical knowledge.

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