Construction Work JSA Pdf - Job Safety Analysis Pdf

Construction Work JSA Pdf - Job Safety Analysis

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Job Safety Analysis is a tool which helps to identify hazards for each steps of a work and helps to control hazards and risk by applying suitable control measures.

JSA is also a systematic procedure which breaks the job into steps and identify the hazards and applying suitable control measures.

Constructions work jsa

Civil work job safety analysis 

What is jsa

what are the steps of job safety analysis

Following are the Steps of Job Safety Analysis.

  1. First select the job for JSA.
  2. Break the job into steps and sequence.
  3. Identify the potential hazard for each steps.
  4. Decide on suitable control measures. 

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Every job need to be analysed before starting the job, in construction work there are lots activity performed to complete a project, so every work in constriction need to be analysed, if you are searching for construction work jsa or civil work jsa for your organization then you are at right place.
In this article all JSA for every work have provided.

Job Safety Analysi
Civil work jsa
construction work job safety analysis
JSA sample
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