MSBTE - ADIS Solved Question Paper of 100 Marks. (2022)

MSBTE - ADIS Solved Question Paper of 100 Marks. (2022)                                   

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ADIS (Advance Diploma in Industrial Safety is one year govt recognise safety course for safety students.


In this blog post ADIS exam question paper with answer is provided, read the article and download ADIS solved question paper 2022.

MSBTE - ADIS Solved Question Paper of 100 Marks. (2022)

  1. What are the safety measures to be taken, while working in tunnel?  8 Mark


Tunneling is an underground activity, tunnels are required underground access for road-ways, railways, through mountains. Tunnels are also used for irrigation of water, drainage, mining work and defense installation.

Tunnel boring machine (TBM) used for tunneling.

Following are the safety measures to be taken, while working in tunnel: -

  • The shape of the tunnel must be identified to use right equipment.
  • Use well well maintained equipment and tools.
  • Testing and inspection of equipment must be done by competent persons.
  • Remove all debris quickly.
  • Provide safe and clean walkway.
  • Arrange proper water pumping system for drainage of water if required.
  • Provide adequate lighting.
  • Use adequate Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Provide jumbo platform with proper guard system i.e. guard rails and toe-guards to work near the entire face of the tunnel during the work.
  • Do wet drilling to control excessive dust.
  • Provide separate transport vehicle for explosive materials.
  • Handle explosives and detonators safely.
  • Don’t allow smoking and any hot activity near explosives.
  • After blasting inspection of walls and roofs must be done to prevent collapse of wall.
  • Inspection of bolting and supporting of weak spot to be done regularly.
  • No vehicles in tunnel should be allowed overloading and over speeding.
  • Provide mechanical ventilation in tunnel for circulation of fresh air.
MSBTE - ADIS Solved Question Paper of 100 Marks. (2022)

2.What are the Hazards and their control measures in Excavation?                                 8 Marks.


Hazards in Excavation: -

  • Excavation without valid work permit.
  • Fall of vehicles and structure during excavation.
  • Fall of person and material.
  • Poor communication – No warning signage.
  • Cave-in i.e. collapse of soil.
  • Underground water.
  • Underground utilities such as power line, water line, gas line etc.
  • Untrained workmen and machine operator.

Control measures for excavation: -

  • Start work after valid work permit.
  • Underground utilities must be identified.
  • Survey of hazards like fall of person, material must be done.
  • Provide adequate lighting and ventilation for underground excavation.
  • Provide proper system for water drainage.
  • Proper supervision by competent person.
  • In excavation all sides should be fenced and barricade at least height of 1 m and a danger red signal and light must be provided.
  • In narrow trench ladder must be provided and ladder must be extended 1 m above ground level.
  • Avoid any undercut in excavated pit.
  • Don’t park vehicle near excavated side.
  • Apply technique to prevent collapse of soil such as shoring, benching where required.

3. Write hazards as safety measures in construction/repair work of chimney.         8 Marks


A chimney is a structure constructed to provide ventilation in different industries to release smoke, hot fuel, fumes, toxic gases etc. in environment.

Hazards in construction/repair work of chimney: -

  • Fall of person
  • Fall of materials
  • Fire & Explosion
  • Electrocutions
  • Failure of suspended load
  • Failure of winch machine
  • Failure of passenger lift
  • Communication gap
  • Slip/trip
  • Bad weather condition

Safety measures in construction/repair of chimney: -

  • Provide safety training to workers.
  • Provide proper fall protection i.e. life line with full body harness.
  • Install safety net.
  • Remove all loose material from working platform.
  • Remove all unwanted debris.
  • Remove all flammable material and keep fire extinguisher at site.
  • All electrical equipment must be routed through ELCB.
  • Use only industrial electric board and plug-top.
  • All lifting equipment and tools must be inspected, tested and certified by third party.
  • Proper inspection and certification to be done of passenger lift.
  • Provide proper supervision.
MSBTE - ADIS Solved Question Paper of 100 Marks. (2022)

4. What are the safety measures to be taken while handling construction machinery and transport equipment?                                                                         5 Marks


  • Machinery/equipment must be of good design and constructed with sound material.
  • Machine should be in working condition and of adequate strength.
  • To design and operate machinery principal of safety and ergonomics should be considered.
  • Operator should be of above 18 years old, well trained and medically fit.
  • Operator must be competent and have proper knowledge of signage.
  • Helper of banksman must be appointing during reverse movement of vehicle or machinery.
  • All vehicles should be equipped with proper lights, horns, silencers, power and hand brakes and reversing alarm.
  • Before use every day, check machinery/vehicle’s motors, engines, brakes, gears, chassis, blades, tracks, wire ropes, sheaves, transmission parts and pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

 MSBTE ADIS Exam Question paper.

5. What are the personal protective equipment used in construction?                 5 Marks

PPE (Personal protective equipment) are the safety equipment by which a person can prevent from exposure to hazards by wearing it.

There are generally two types of PPEs used in construction: -

a. Respiratory PPEs – Personal protective equipment use to protect respiratory organs.

  • Self-contained breathing apparatus.
  • Dust mask.
  • Canister mask

b. Non-Respiratory PPEs – Personal protective equipment use to protect external part of body.

  • Safety hard hamlet.
  • Safety shoes.
  • Hand gloves.
  • Safety eye wear.
  • Safety gum boot.
  • Reflective jacket.
  • Shoulder pad.

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6. What are the safety precaution to be taken in store, handling and stacking of material in construction?                                                                         5 Marks


Safety precaution to be taken in material storage, handling, and stacking are: -

  • Education – Provide proper education and training.
  • Stack material on a firm and even surface.
  • Keep heavy load on lower level.
  • Maintain proper housekeeping.
  • Don’t stack material at 3 times more height than width.
  • Keep flammable material separate.
  • Don’t stack loose material and incomplete material together.
  • Use mechanical lift to lift heavy load.
  • Mark the location as per item category.
  • Provide abstract free walkways.


7. What are the hazards and control measure in construction of high rise buildings?    8 Marks


Hazards in construction of high rise buildings: -

  • Poor planning.
  • Cave-in i.e. collapse of soil.
  • Fall of person and material.
  • Failure of lifting tools.
  • Failure of man & material lift.
  • Lack of PPEs
  • Excessive dust and noise.
  • Lack of competency and safety training.
  • Lack of emergency planning.

Safety measures in construction of high rise buildings: -

  • Proper planning
  • Follow safe working procedure.
  • Implement effective emergency plan.
  • Provide proper training.
  • Proper inspection and certification of lifting tools must be done.
  • Provide adequate PPEs
  • Provide proper access egress.
  • Maintain good housekeeping.
  • Spray water to control dust.

ADIS question paper 2022 

8. What are the special safety precaution to be taken while working at silo?                  5 Marks


Following safety precautions to be taken while working at silos: -

  • Silos should be erected on strong foundation and capable of bear load without any damaging of walls, floors and parts.
  • Safe means of access must be provided such as ladder, stairs or hoists.
  • level indicator, notices, blockage remover and fire extinguishers should be provided and available at work site.
  • Use flame proof electrical equipment and non-sparking tools where there is possibilities of explosion and fire at silos.
  • Start work after valid work permit only.
  • Provide full body harness and lifeline.

 9. What are the safety prevention ty avoid collapsing of structure?                4 Marks


Following safety prevention to be taken to prevent collapsing of structure: -

  • Planning – Before construction and erection of nay structure following points to be considered first the architectural and engineering design of buildings, structures of the, and roofs of the, effects that their designs may have on the safety of people who will undertake the work, does it will be a safe structure to construct and to carry out further activities and work practices necessary to carry out the work.
  • Execution – During work follow safe operating procedure, inspect all tools and equipment on daily basis, provide proper training, plan for emergency situation.

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10. What are the hazards in demolition activity?                             5 Marks


Following are the hazards in demolition activity: -

  • Fall of person and material from height.
  • Flying debris.
  • Premature collapse of building structure.
  • Excessive dust and fumes.
  • Untrained workmen.
  • Manual handling.
  • Lack of PPEs.
  • Failure of machinery.
  • Exposure to asbestos and other hazardous waste material.
  • Live electricity.
  • Improper access/egress.

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11. Explain demolition operation in details.                                            5 Marks


Demolition is the process of dismantling, razing, destroying or wrecking of any building or structure or any part. Demolition is a very risky task it consists many hazardous activities, demolition hazards are not limited it can be increase on situations.

Reasons of demolition may include: -

  • Change in drawing of a structure or building during and after construction.
  • Modification in structure and building on introducing any sub structure.
  • To complete remove a structure or building due to its old age or for new project.

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12. What are the safety measures to be taken for scaffolding?                     8 Marks


Scaffold is a man-made temporary working platform use to support man and material during work at height.

Following safety measures to be taken during scaffolding: -

  • Scaffolding foundation must be inspected and verified before erection.
  • Don’t use loose brick, wood to provide support during scaffolding.
  • To provide scaffold at more than 15 M height only steel scaffold will be allowed not wooden one.
  • Scaffold must be inspected at every 7th and after any change by competent person.
  • Following points but be considered during inspection of scaffold -  stability of scaffold, ties and fixing, alignment of members, bending, tightness of lashing or couplers, planks, platforms, guard rails, toe boards and condition of ladders.
  • Incomplete and damaged scaffolding must be tagged with warning notice.
  • Always follow reverse direction for dismantling of scaffold.
  • Don’t throw material from height and even don’t left material laying on ground, all scaffold material must be stacked properly.
  • After dismantling of scaffold, scaffold material must be stored in dry places or in boxes.
  • Damaged scaffolding components to be replaced and rest components to be painted to protect from weather.
  • Fitting and couplers should be lubricated for proper functioning.

 ADIS Exam question paper

13. What are the benefits of good housekeeping?                                              6 Marks


 Following are the benefits of Good Housekeeping: -

  • Good housekeeping promotes workplace and worker’s safety.
  • Good housekeeping reduces accidents.
  • Good housekeeping reduces fire accidents.
  • It promotes good working habit.
  • It increases the moral of workforce,
  • Good housekeeping improve productivity.
  • It improves health of workmen.
  • It controls the equipment/tools damaging 
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ADIS question paper
MSBTE exam ADIS Question paper with answer.

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