How to Pass the NEBOSH OBE Exam In First Attempt?

How to Pass the NEBOSH OBE Exam In First Attempt?

The National Examination Board for Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) is a leading global provider of health, safety and environmental qualifications. The introduction of the Open Book Examination (OBE) reflects changing education trends as it is a flexible and remote assessment method. This guide will take you through the steps to successfully write the NEBOSH OBE in 2024.

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    Understanding the NEBOSH OBE

    The aim of this examination is to test your ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practice. Unlike traditional exams, this one can be taken at home or any other appropriate place. The exam is open book which implies that you are allowed to use text books, notes, and online resources when doing this exam.

    Key Features of NEBOSH OBE:

    Scenario-Based Questions: You will have to deal with real-life situations where you will need to apply your knowledge.

    24-Hour Window: An entire day is given for writing the paper hence one can plan his or her time well.

    Remote Submission: It means that candidates must submit their answers via internet using official portal page opened by NEBOSH.

    Preparing for the NEBOSH OBE

    Preparation plays an important role in succeeding on the NEBOSH open book examination (OBE). To succeed there are steps that must be followed:

    1. Understanding Syllabus and Study Format

    • Go through all sections under NEBOSH syllabus critically to understand what they entail.
    • Reviewing available questions from past papers on NEBOSH website will make you familiar with how this exam looks like so check them out.

    2. Study Resources

    • Make use textbooks recommended by NEBOSH and accompanying study materials.
    • Consider joining approved courses about nebosh certification online.
    • Join discussion forums and study groups to share information and concepts learnt in class.

    3. Work with Past Papers

    Nebosh IGC Solved Question Paper 

    • Write out answers for previous OBE questions to get a feel of what’s required style and detail wise.
    • Put yourself under clock so that you can be able to manage your time during the actual examination day.

    4. Creating a Study Timetable

    • Write a study schedule that includes all subjects and allows room for revision.
    • Spread your learning activities across each section of the syllabus per day.

    5. Setting up Your Exam Space

    • Find a quiet, comfortable, well-lit area where you can take this exam from.
    • Ensure availability of internet connection throughout the paper and have alternatives in place just in case there are technical challenges encountered.

    Writing the NEBOSH OBE

    To perform to your best on the examination day, follow these tips:

    1. Read Through the Instructions Thoroughly

    Login on NEBOSH website at designated time on exam date

    Just before one starts off with answering questions of past papers go through the given instructions keenly

    2. Understanding Scenario and Questions’ Content Exactly

    Go over the scenario presented at the beginning of each question carefully before answering it.

    Identify key issues or elements that should be addressed within every question provided thereunder.

    3. Planning Answers

    For each answer, draft an outline indicating main points you intend including in them.
    Based on marks allocated to each question as well as its complexity level, apportion adequate time allocations among them.

    4. Employing Available Support Materials Effectively

    Use your textbooks, notes, online resources etcetera to help support claims made within your answers.

    Do not copy directly from the sources; instead, rephrase or paraphrase and apply the information to the scenario.

    5. Writing Clear and Concise Answers

    Use simple and direct language concentrating on main issues.
    Review and Revise

    Leave time at the end to review your answers and make any necessary revisions.

    Check for spelling, grammar, and clarity.

    Submit Your Exam

    Ensure all answers are saved and submitted correctly through the exam portal.

    Confirm submission to avoid any last-minute issues.

    After the Exam

    Reflect on Your Performance

    Consider what went well and what could be improved for future exams.

    Make notes on any areas you found challenging for further study.

    Await Results

    NEBOSH will notify you of your results via email. In general, results come out in few weeks after the day of examination.


    Writing a successful NEBOSH OBE means being well-prepared, good time management skills, as well as an ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real life situations. By going through this guide, one can do an examination with certainty that they will pass very well by scoring more points in it. Good luck!

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