Admission process in RLI/CLI for ADIS

Admission process in RLI/CLI for ADIS/DIS/PDIS Safety Course

    ADIS/DIS/PDIS Safety Course is a recognized qualification for hiring a Safety Officer as per Factory act, 1948. 
    The ADIS/DIS/PDIS course offered by Directorate of Technical Education by respective State of government, in India these courses are available in different states such as Central Labor Institute (Mumbai) and Regional labour Institute (Chennai, Faridabad, Kanpur & Kolkata).
    The rapid growth of technology and extensive mechanization in industries like petrochemicals, chemicals, engineering, and construction have led to complex safety and health issues. To address these, qualified safety professionals are essential for managing the safety and health of workers and others affected by these industries. Recognizing this, the Central Labour Institute in Mumbai and Regional Labour Institutes in Chennai, Faridabad, Kanpur, and Kolkata offer a one-year Diploma Course in Industrial Safety. This course is a statutory requirement under Section 40-B of The Factories Act, 1948, for appointing Safety Officers. The diplomas, recognized for this role, are awarded by the Directorate of Technical Education of the respective State Governments.

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    ADIS Safety Course Duration 

    Duration of ADIS/DIS/PDIS is a Full Time one year Safety Course.

    Note:- Advance Diploma in Industrial safety (ADIS), Diploma in Safety (DIS), Post Graduate diploma in safety (PDIS) all are same safety courses with different name as per the Technical state board in different states.

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    Course Methodology

    ADIS/DIS/PDIS Course Methodology in RLI/CLI 

    • The course involves classroom learning, lectures, discussions, case studies, lab exercises, and factory visits. Students must do one project, term work, and two lab exercises as part of the course syllabus.
    • Sponsored students must do their term work and project work only at their sponsoring organization. They are not allowed to do these tasks anywhere else.
    • Non-sponsored candidates need to arrange for their project and term work on their own. The Institute won't help in finding an organization for this and won't issue letters for conducting project or term work.
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    Examination Process

    Examination Process of ADIS in RLI/CLI 

    Students are required to participate in the Final Examination, overseen by the Board of Examinations under the Directorate of Technical Education of their respective State Governments. This examination includes various components such as theory papers, project work, term work, and practicals. Those who successfully complete these examinations will receive their Diploma from the respective Technical Education Boards.
    Students enrolled at CLI Mumbai & RLI, Kolkata are required to undertake exams in two six-month semesters, as administered by the Maharashtra state board of technical education & West Bengal State Council of Technical Education.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility criteria for ADIS in RLI/CLI 

    • Degree/Diploma in any branch of Engineering. Or
    • Degree in Physics/Chemistry from recognized university

    Please note:

    1. Only B.Sc/M.Sc degrees with Physics or Chemistry as major subjects from colleges or universities approved by UGC will be accepted.
    2. Diplomas in Engineering are valid only if obtained from institutes approved by the State Board, Directorate, Council of Technical Education, or AICTE.
    3. B.E/B.Tech degrees will be recognized only from institutes or universities approved by AICTE or UGC.
    4. Individuals who have completed the ADIS/PDIS/DIS examination under any State Board, Council, or Directorate of Technical Education are ineligible for this course.
    5. Candidates with advanced qualifications in Industrial Safety will be considered only if there are available positions.
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    Required experience for ADIS in RLI/CLI


    Candidates must have practical supervisory-level experience for a period of 2 years with an Engineering/Technology degree and 5 years with a Diploma in Engineering/Technology or a Degree in Physics or Chemistry. Relevant fields include:

    1. Experience in the Manufacturing, Maintenance, or Safety Department of a factory as defined under The Factories Act, 1948. (A copy of the Factory License issued by CIF/DISH of the respective state must be provided).

    2. Involvement in building and construction works as outlined under The Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1996, with the establishment registered under the BOCW Act with the Central or State Governments. (A copy of the BOCW Act registration certificate is required).

    3. Experience in DGFASLI/DISH approved research, training, or educational institutes specializing in Industrial Safety.

    4. Work within government departments responsible for the administration of safety legislation in India.

    5. Employment in port or dock work as defined under The Dock Workers (Safety, Health and Welfare) Act, 1986, with the establishment or agency registered with the respective Port Authority or State Government.


    Fees structure of ADIS in RLI/CLI 

    a) Course Fee:
    The fee for the course is Rs. 25,000, which is non-refundable. The procedure for payment will be provided to selected candidates by the Principal of their respective institutes.

    b) Caution Money Deposit:
    A caution deposit of Rs. 2,500 is required. This amount is refundable, minus any deductions, at the course's conclusion. Payment instructions for this deposit will also be given by the Principal of the respective institutes.

    c) Examination Fee:
    Students are responsible for paying examination and other fees as set by the Board of Examinations, Directorate of Technical Education of the relevant State Governments.

    d) Additional Costs:
    Expenses related to purchasing books, course materials, stationery, preparing reports for Project/Term Work, travel and daily allowances for local/outstation factory visits, seminar fees, examination fees, etc., are to be covered by the sponsoring organizations or the students themselves.

    Application Submission Process

    ADIS Safety Course Application process for RLI/CLI 

    You can apply for admission application for ADIS in CLI/RLI in June or July 

    a) Candidates interested in the course must apply exclusively through offline mode.

    b) Applicants are required to send the duly completed prescribed application form in duplicate, with all necessary details filled, along with self-attested copies of their certificates. These must be sent by speed post or registered post, arriving no later than 5:45 p.m. on 31.05.2022, to the following address:
       - The Chairman
       - Central Scrutiny Committee for ADIS/DIS/PDIS Course 2022-23
       - Central Labour Institute, 2nd Floor, Main Building
       - N.S. Mankiker Marg, Sion, Mumbai – 400 022
       Please ensure the envelope is clearly marked with "Application for ADIS/DIS/PDIS 2022-2023."

    c) Applications submitted directly to the Central Labour Institute or any Regional Labour Institutes will not be considered.

    d) The specific regions under the jurisdiction of each Labour Institute are as mentioned below.

    e) Applications that are incomplete, incorrectly filled, or received after the deadline will be outright rejected, with no further correspondence entertained.

    f) There is no provision for grace time for late submissions due to postal, administrative delays, etc. Therefore, sponsoring managements/applicants should send their applications well before the deadline to avoid rejection.
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    Selection Process

    Selection process for ADIS in RLI/CLI 

    a) After the Central Scrutiny Committee reviews applications, a list of eligible candidates will be posted on the DGFASLI website ( The website will also display the scheduled interview dates for these candidates. Being called for an interview does not ensure selection, and candidates should note that no travel or daily allowances will be provided for attending the interview.

    b) Interviews will be conducted only at the candidate's first preferred institute within their respective region/jurisdiction. A merit list will be compiled based on the interviews held at CLI/RLIs.

    c) Admission consideration will be based on:
       i. Current workplace for both sponsored and self-sponsored working candidates.
       ii. Permanent residence for non-working candidates, with required documentation for address verification.
       iii. Self-sponsored working candidates must present a No Objection Certificate from their employer.

    d) Sponsoring organizations must submit an undertaking/declaration in cases where they fail to release the candidate for the course after selection.

    e) All original certificates must be presented at the time of the interview. Candidates with only a provisional certificate copy will not be eligible for the interview. Selected candidates should be prepared to join the course promptly. Those who were selected previously but did not join, or who discontinued the course, will not be reconsidered.

    f) The Selection Committee will determine specific selection criteria, including weightage, at the time of the interview

    Available seats in RLI/CLI for ADIS 


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    a) The Institute hostels offer limited, non-family, ordinary shared accommodation, allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that there are no boarding facilities in the hostels, and guests or relatives of candidates are not permitted to stay there.

    b) The hostel room rent is set at Rs. 100 per day for sponsored candidates and Rs. 50 per day for non-sponsored candidates (subject to change by the Competent Authority). This fee must be paid in advance, either via a separate Demand Draft or in cash, and is typically collected in two installments for the entire stay.


    Minimum attandance for ADIS in RLI/CLI 

    a) To successfully complete the course, a candidate must meet the following attendance requirements:

    b) While full attendance (100%) in all classes is ideal, a student must attend at least 80% of the total teaching sessions, in line with the norms of the respective Technical Board. Exceptions may be made for students who achieve 75% attendance due to medical reasons, such as prolonged hospitalization, accidents, or specific illnesses, provided they submit a medical certificate from a recognized hospital. Students with less than 80% attendance will be subject to notification sent to their sponsoring organization.

    Rejection Criteria

    Incomplete applications, as per the guidelines outlined in the Prospectus and Combined Application Form, will be rejected. No individual correspondence will be made regarding the rejection. The reasons for application rejections will be posted on the DGFASLI website ( after review and finalization by the Central Scrutiny Committee.
    The decisions made by the Central Scrutiny Committee of DGFASLI, Mumbai, regarding selection, admission, examination, and all other aspects related to the ADIS/DIS/PDIS Course, are final and binding.


    In conclusion, the ADIS/DIS/PDIS Safety Course offered by the Central Labour Institute (CLI) in Mumbai and Regional Labour Institutes (RLI) in various Indian states is a meticulously structured program designed to address the growing demand for qualified safety professionals in industries with complex safety and health challenges. The course encompasses a comprehensive curriculum, practical training, and stringent evaluation methods. 

    Prospective candidates must navigate through a detailed application and selection process, adhere to specific eligibility criteria, and commit to a full-time one-year course. The program emphasizes real-world experience and practical application, with specific requisites for both sponsored and non-sponsored students. The fee structure is clearly defined, and accommodation options are available for outstation candidates.

    The rigorous attendance policy and examination process ensure that only dedicated and competent candidates successfully complete the course. The rejection criteria maintain the high standards of the program by ensuring that only complete and properly submitted applications are considered. 

    Overall, this course represents a significant commitment but offers a rewarding career path for those dedicated to the field of industrial safety, fulfilling a critical need in compliance with The Factories Act, 1948.


    ADIS/DIS/PDIS Safety Course FAQs

    ADIS/DIS/PDIS Safety Course FAQs

    1. What is the duration of the ADIS/DIS/PDIS Safety Course?

      The course duration is one full year.

    2. Can the ADIS/DIS/PDIS course be completed through distance learning?

      No, this is a full-time course requiring physical attendance.

    3. What are the eligibility criteria for enrolling in the ADIS/DIS/PDIS course?

      Candidates must have a Degree/Diploma in Engineering, or a Degree in Physics/Chemistry from a recognized university.

    4. Is work experience required for the ADIS course?

      Yes, candidates need 2 years of experience with an Engineering/Technology degree and 5 years with a Diploma in Engineering/Technology or a Degree in Physics/Chemistry.

    5. What is the course fee for ADIS/DIS/PDIS?

      The course fee is Rs. 25,000, which is non-refundable.

    6. Are there any additional costs apart from the course fee?

      Yes, students need to cover expenses for books, materials, travel, examination fees, etc.

    7. How can I apply for the ADIS/DIS/PDIS course?

      Applications are accepted in June or July exclusively through offline mode, with completed forms sent by post.

    8. What is the selection process for the ADIS course?

      The selection involves reviewing applications, posting eligible candidates on the DGFASLI website, followed by an interview process.

    9. Is accommodation available for students?

      Yes, limited hostel accommodation is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

    10. What is the minimum attendance requirement for the course?

      Students must attend at least 80% of the total teaching sessions, with some exceptions for medical reasons.

    11. What is the methodology of the ADIS/DIS/PDIS course?

      The course involves classroom learning, lectures, discussions, case studies, lab exercises, and factory visits.

    12. What is the examination process for the ADIS course?

      It includes theory papers, project work, term work, and practicals, overseen by the Board of Examinations under the Directorate of Technical Education.

    13. What should be included in the application submission for the course?

      Completed forms, self-attested copies of certificates, sent by speed post or registered post before the deadline.

    14. What are the rejection criteria for the ADIS/DIS/PDIS course applications?

      Incomplete applications or those not adhering to the guidelines will be rejected.

    15. What does the course fee include?

      The fee covers the core course expenses, but does not include additional costs like books, travel, and examination fees.

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