Nebosh Igc Jan -17 - 2024 answers

Nebosh Igc Jan -17 - 2024 answers

Nebosh Igc Jan -17 - 2024 answers

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Task 2 Nebosh Igc Jan -17 - 2024 answers

Limited Introduction and Orientation:

The supervisor failed to provide a thorough introduction to Zone 3 for the contractor, relying on their past experience in Zone 1, leading to unfamiliarity with Zone 3's layout.

Inadequate Supervision During Repairs:

 The supervisor left the contractor to work independently after a brief tour, lacking ongoing oversight during the conveyor repair in a potentially unfamiliar environment.

Absence of Contingency Plan: 

The supervisor did not establish a clear contingency plan, leaving the contractor without designated points of contact or protocols during difficulties in the repair.

Failure to Ensure Communication Channels: 

Lack of structured communication from the supervisor led the contractor to seek assistance from other workers, revealing a breakdown in effective communication.

Delayed Response to the Accident:

 The supervisor's delay in responding to the accident, due to being called away, compromised immediate attention needed for emergency management.

Lack of Continuous Assistance:

 The absence of continuous assistance or a designated point of contact forced the contractor to seek help from other workers after completing the repair.

Failure to Establish Clear Roles:

 The supervisor did not clearly define the roles and responsibilities post-repair, contributing to the contractor's uncertainty about whom to approach for assistance.

Inadequate Safety Briefing:

 No evidence of a thorough safety briefing for the contractor before work commenced, a crucial aspect for understanding safety protocols in Zone 3.

Unavailability of Supervisor During Emergency: 

The supervisor's unavailability during the contractor's search for assistance indicates a lack of effective management during emergencies.

No Post-Incident Review

The scenario lacks mention of a post-incident review or debriefing, a missed opportunity for implementing improvements and preventing future accidents.

Task 3 (a) Nebosh Igc Jan -17 - 2024 answers

Function of Safety inspection

  • Advice employer on the health and safety aspects of organization.
  • Investigation of accident
  • Suggest suitable control measures to avoid accident
  • Advice on legal legislation

Task 3 (b) Nebosh Igc Jan -17 - 2024 answers

Action by labour inspector 

  • Enforcement action
  • Prostitution in criminal court
  • Fine
  • Legal action 

Task 4 

Nebosh Igc Jan -17 - 2024 answers

Following Safety signage I want

  • Speed limit
  • Restricted area (distribution area)
  • Mandatory PPE's
  • Use zebra crossing to cross the road
  • Emergency exit
  • No smoking

Task 5 (a) 

Nebosh Igc Jan -17 - 2024 answers

Following Points to be discussed in emergency meeting

  • Description of accident
  • Procedure Training and awareness 
  • Steps for accident investigation
  • Developing proper communication
  • Reporting of accident to legal authority

Task 5 (b) 

Nebosh Igc Jan -17 - 2024 answers

Lack of commitment towards health and safety of employees.

  • Excessive work load
  • Lack of Risk Assessment
  • No Safety training
  • Poor supervision & monitoring
  • Failure in reporting Near-miss
  • Negative peers pressure
  • No work permit system

Task 6 (a) 

Nebosh Igc Jan -17 - 2024 answers

Accident should be reported because:-

  • It's a legal requirements.
  • To claim compensation and insurance
  • To prevent legal action

Task 6 (b) 

Nebosh Igc Jan -17 - 2024 answers

Accident can be reported to competent authority by:-

  • Telephone
  • Written note
  • By visiting legal authority
  • By filling online accident reporting form of HSE

Task 7 (a)

Nebosh Igc Jan -17 - 2024 answers

Comment on failure to follow safety responsibilities by supervisor:-

  • Failed to ensure the health and safety of workers because supervisor is responsible.
  • Lack of communication with workers
  • Failed to provide safety training as supervisor didn't provided induction training to contractor
  • Failed to share risk assessment for job and other near by job such as vehicle Movements

Task 7 (b) Nebosh Igc Jan -17 - 2024 answers

ALA's failed in their responsibility regarding Safety

  • ALA's failed to raise Safety concern to top Management as workers are also responsible for sharing Safety issues or raise
  • ALA's failed to follow general Safety rules such as over speeding
  • Failed to communicate with team

Task 8 (a) 

Nebosh Igc Jan -17 - 2024 answers

Points worked well in case of emergency:-

  • Workers are aware of emergency response.
  • Workers know to report the accident to supervisor.
  • Immediate first aid provided.
  • Supervisor contact with emergency services
  • Contractor sent to nearest hospital.

Task 8 (b) 

Nebosh Igc Jan -17 - 2024 answers

Arrangements enable other workers to work at the place of supervisor in case of emergency:-

  • Training provided to worker for emergency response
  • Awareness of safety equipment and nearest assembly area, call point 
  • Information of emergency contact details 
  • Aware of accident reporting
  • Training for communication

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