What to do in case of emergency?

What to do in case of emergency?

What to do in case of emergency?

During emergency it is very important to response and react immediately, on emergency situation we haven't much time to think what to do or what not to do, so it is very important to be prepared and pre planned to response in case of an emergency, for the quick response you should have knowledge of emergency response Plan and should know the certain steps to evacuate yourself from your workplace in case of an emergency.


There are certain terms related to emergency response  you should know:-

Emergency situation

What is an emergency?

Emergency is an unexpected and dangerous situation where immediate action must be taken, any delay in emergency response can lead to serious loss of life and property, emergency can be a fire accident, measure gas leak, severe wether condition etc.

What is emergency siren?
Emergency Siren

Emergency siren is an alarming device which alert people by alarm or sound in case of emergency, siren may be automatic or manually.
What is Safe assembly area?
Safe assembly area is a safest area inside plant area, where all workmen gather for head count after emergency alarm raise.

What is windsock?

What is windsock

Windsock is a conical textile tube, mounted on any building or structure which shows the wind direction.

What to do in case of an emergency?

If any emergency situation occurs at your workplace, follow following steps:-
  1. On hearing emergency siren, don't panic stay cool & calm.
  2. Stop the Job.
  3. Switch off running equipment & machinery.
  4. See the wind direction.
  5. Move ahead nearest safe assembly area in cross wind direction.
  6. Stay at safe assembly area until head count.
  7. Move from assembly area to workplace after a all clear siren.
follow the steps in case of emergency

Conclusion :-
We can handle emergency situation if we have proper planning, never panic in any emergency situation, think on what to do in case of emergency, Carry out emergency mock drill to check the effectiveness of your emergency response Plan.

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