Maaden 7 Life Saving Rules | LSR

Maaden 7 Life Saving Rules | LSR


Maaden 7 Life Saving Rules: Life Saving Rules are critical safety rules to save our life during work, Maaden management have set their 7 life Saving Rules as per their EHS requirements, in this article we will discuss each Life Saving Rules of Maaden in detail.

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Maaden 7 Life Saving Rules | LSR

About Maaden

Ma'aden stands as the premier mining and metals enterprise in the Middle East, and is recognized as one of the world's rapidly expanding mining entities, with a revenue reaching SAR 26.7 billion (approximately $7.12 billion) in 2021. Maaden mission aligns with Vision 2030 to transform the mining sector into a critical component of the Saudi economy, striving to set benchmarks in responsible and sustainable practices.

With operations spanning 17 mining locations and sites, a workforce of over 6,000 direct employees, and a global export footprint in more than 30 countries, we are on a trajectory of significant expansion over the next 18 years. Maaden growth strategy encompasses diversification across phosphate, aluminum, gold, copper, and emerging minerals, capitalizing on the Kingdom's vast mineral wealth estimated at $2.5 trillion.

Maaden Life Saving Rules

There are seven life saving rules in Maaden.

7 Life Saving Rules of Maaden:

  1. Permit to Work
  2. Confined Space Entry
  3. Isolation (Electrical/Machenical)
  4. Work at Height 
  5. Lifting Operation
  6. Competent & Fit for Work
  7. Heavy Mobile Equipment, Materials Handling & Driving 

The 7 Life-Saving Rules of Ma'aden: Ensuring Safety in the Workplace

In the demanding and dynamic environment of industrial operations, safety is paramount. Ma'aden, a leading mining company, has established seven critical rules to safeguard the well-being of its employees and contractors. These rules are designed to prevent accidents and ensure everyone returns home safely every day. 

1. Permit to Work: A fundamental safety measure, ensuring that any hazardous work is conducted under strict controls and authorization. This system helps in managing the risks associated with specific tasks by requiring a permit to work.

2. Confined Space Entry: Special procedures and precautions are mandatory for entering confined spaces, which are areas with limited exits and not designed for continuous occupancy. This rule ensures that workers are protected from hazards such as toxic gases and oxygen deficiency.

3. Isolation (Electrical/Mechanical): Before any maintenance or repair work, it's crucial to isolate electrical and mechanical energy sources. This rule prevents unintended energization or the release of hazardous energy during work activities.

4. Work at Height: Safety measures for work at height include using appropriate fall protection equipment and ensuring that workers are trained. This rule aims to prevent falls, which are a leading cause of industrial accidents.

5. Lifting Operation: Rigorous standards and practices are followed during lifting operations to handle loads safely. This includes the proper use of lifting equipment and ensuring that all personnel involved are competent.

6. Competent & Fit for Work: Only individuals who are medically fit and have the necessary skills and training are allowed to perform tasks. This ensures that workers can safely carry out their duties without endangering themselves or others.

7. Heavy Mobile Equipment, Materials Handling & Driving: Safe operation of heavy mobile equipment and vehicles is critical, particularly in mining operations. This rule focuses on safe driving practices, proper handling of materials, and the safe operation of heavy machinery.

Ma'aden's life-saving rules form the backbone of its safety culture, reflecting the company's commitment to the highest safety standards. By adhering to these rules, Ma'aden ensures a safer workplace for all its employees and contractors, reinforcing the principle that safety is a shared responsibility.

Maaden 7 Life Saving Rules | LSR

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