NEBOSH Safety Course

NEBOSH Safety Course 

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    What is NEBOSH?

    NEBOSH stands for National Examination board in Occupational Safety & Health, NEBOSH is UK based awarding organization which provides qualification certification in health, safety and environment management.
    NEBOSH is very reputed organization which provides different levels of safety certification which is acceptable by various countries in the world.

    Why NEBOSH?

    • NEBOSH offers internationally accepted safety certification.
    • It officer safety course on online mode.
    • NEBOSH safety course provides comprehensive and accurate understand of all important information about safety and health.
    • NEBOSH safety course enhance the knowledge of safety professional in order to improve the safety culture of an organization.

    Which safety course is best in NEBOSH?

    NEBOSH offers various label of safety courses but if you want to enter in safety field along with enhancing knowledge and getting job opportunities you should do Nebosh level 3 safety course i.e. NEBOSH IGC.

    What is NEBOSH IGC?

    NEBOSH Igc stands for NEBOSH international general certificate a level 3 Nebosh safety course.

    Where to study NEBOSH IGC safety course.

    NEBOSH offers safety courses in online mode, you can do NEBOSH safety course online from your home, you need to find a NEBOSH approved learning partner.

    To find Nebosh safety course provider you can visit NEBOSH official website.

    NEBOSH Safety Course official website 

    NEBOSH IGC Safety Course syllabus.

    There are two unit in NEBOSH IGC, Ig1 & Ig2.

    What are the elements of NEBOSH Igc?

    There are total 11 elements in NEBOSH Igc 1&2:-

    1. Why should we manage workplace health and safety.
    2. How health and safety management system works and how it looks like.
    3. Managing risk - Understanding people and process.
    4. Health and safety monitoring and measuring.
    5. Physical and psychology health.
    6. Musculoskeletal health.
    7. Chemical and biological agent.
    8. General work issues.
    9. Work equipment.
    10. Fire.
    11. Electricity.

    Exam pattern for Nebosh igc Safety Course.

    Nebosh igc compromises two exams.

    Paper 1. Nebosh Igc open book examination.

    Paper 2. NEBOSH Igc Risk Assessment.

    Duration of Nebosh Igc Safety Course.

    Duration depends on mode of study generally it take 30 days.

    Cost for Nebosh Igc safety course.

    Cost for Nebosh igc is $ 550.

    Vital FAQ's 

    Is Nebosh certification accepted in Saudi Arabia?

    Yes, Nebosh Safety course is widely accepted in Saudi Arabia, all Gulf Countries accepted Nebosh certification.

    Which Nebosh course is Best?

    NEBOSH IGC (international general certificate) a UK based safety course will be best option for any safety personal who want to enhance knowledge of safety and to get safety officer job in Gulf Countries.

    Can Nebosh certificate expires?

    No, Nebosh certification never expires, once you get Nebosh certificate it will be valid for whole life.

    Why I do NEBOSH?

    As Nebosh is a UK based international certification with wide range of health and safety information helps you to grab more chances of safety job globally and Nebosh also enhance your understanding level of safety and health.

    Is IOSH better than NEBOSH?

    IOSH is a entry level certification with basics of safety, where NEBOSH contains wide range of health and safety information that's why NEBOSH demand is higher than IOSH.


    NEBOSH Safety Course is an international safety certification, any person who are interested and have some practical work experience can go for Nebosh safety course.

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